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A new fizz: Coca-Cola replaces Pepsi on campus

If you purchase a soft drink on Palm Beach State College campuses, starting next week you will have to “taste the feeling” with Coca-Cola.
The College is poised to sign an exclusive five-year contract for beverage services with the Coca-Cola Company this week after a 15-year agreement with Pepsi. This means that only Coca-Cola Co. brands, including Dasani water, Powerade sports drink, MinuteMaid juices and Illy ready-to-drink coffee products will be sold on all campuses.
“Coca-Cola products will be phased in on campus beginning with the cafeteria and bookstore and then with our vending machines,’’ said David Chojnacki, … Continue reading A new fizz: Coca-Cola replaces Pepsi on campus

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