Why Community College Works

Jeffrey S. Bolton
Airport Executive
Attended PBCC, 2006-09

Jeff Bolton took an indirect route to his position as assistant properties manager for Palm Beach International Airport. After four years in the U.S. Navy and 10 years in industrial sales, the Alabama native developed a career in commercial real estate, working his way from Huntsville to Atlanta to South Florida. Now he manages PBIA’s contracts with airlines and vendors in the terminal.

Still Bolton never gave up on his goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Already an A.A. degree graduate of Alabama’s John C. Calhoun Community College, in 2006 he enrolled as a finance major at Florida Atlantic University, but he took every class he possibly could at Palm Beach Community College. In fact, Bolton had to quit taking classes at PBCC in order get his bachelor’s degree at FAU, which he earned in 2009.

“I absolutely loved PBCC. The teachers had real-world experience and were more in tune with the working person. They were able to convert what you’re learning into something that you can use.”

Bolton also appreciated the College’s support system. “If I needed a counselor, I could call up and talk to one at 8 o’clock at night. That was invaluable. PBCC made it conducive for those of us out here trying to both work and study.”

Reflecting on the term “community college,” Bolton rejects any notion that it means subpar.

“The truth of the matter is Palm Beach State is a college that serves the community. It’s people from the community, teaching the community. I just really valued it a lot.”