Stem Cells Launch Researcher’s Career

Jacqueline Strivelli
Lab Manager
A.A., 2009 / CCC, 2016

Raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Jacqueline Strivelli has found a stimulating career just a stone’s throw away, at Scripps Florida in Jupiter. After earning her Associate in Arts degree at Palm Beach Community College and a bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in 2015, she returned to the College for real-world training. Strivelli credits the classes and labs of PBSC’s Biotechnology College Credit Certificate program with preparing her to successfully transition into the life sciences workforce.

Her role at Scripps Florida as a lab manager, funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, involves the distribution of mesenchymal stem cells to other labs for continued research. Strivelli says her lab has shipped in excess of half a billion cells so far. She is excited about the research she’s involved in and looks forward to advancing in her career.