Sporty Girl

Kristy Grant
Fashion Entrepreneur
A.A., 2008

When Kristy Grant entered Palm Beach State College, she was undecided on her degree path. She took an elective class in business from Professor Sofia Gill, which set her on course. As part of the class requirement, Grant was asked to create a business from the ground up. She loves being creative, so she channeled her talents to develop “Sporty Girl” apparel.

Grant noticed that if you wanted to wear something that showed off your passion for the outdoors, you had to wear men’s clothing. That’s where the idea of her apparel line began. She wanted a classy look that expressed her enthusiasm for hunting and fishing.

She admits that things have changed since she began “Sporty Girl” in 2008. “Now, there are more options for women’s fashionable hunting and fishing clothing, but I’m happy to have been one of the few who started at the beginning of this growing industry with a fashionable outdoor clothing line.”

Grant loves the freedom that owning her Jupiter-based boutique and online business provides. She is thankful that her business is growing, and she credits PBSC and Professor Gill with providing a direction for her life that makes use of both her creativity and love of the outdoors.