Real-World Science

Donald Mau
Research Assistant II
CCC, 2014

Using 3-D printing technology to produce human tissue sounds like science fiction, but this is the type of groundbreaking work that Donald Mau gets to be a part of every day. As a cell culture research assistant for the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, he supports the bio-printing team with their special projects and daily activities. Earlier this year, the scientists successfully produced part of a kidney, which allows them to better screen and test new drugs.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Central Florida, Mau was looking for new opportunities to expand his skill set and advance his career. The Biotechnology College Credit Certificate program offered at Palm Beach State College proved to be the perfect choice. It gave him the practical, hands-on training he needed to one day work in a lab.

Mau is currently working toward a master’s degree at the Harvard Extension School and hopes to work in a managerial position for a large biotech or pharmaceutical company.