Meet Tony Richmond: PBSC hoops volunteer manager

Check out a men’s basketball team practice or game at Palm Beach State College, and you’re sure to see Tony Richmond.

For more than a decade, Richmond has been the team’s volunteer manager, and his dedication is beyond question. He attends every practice and game, carefully writing down observations of each player’s performance from his courtside desk. His service in this role has become a valuable asset to the players and coaching staff.

AC7_1663“Tony’s participation with the team has been very beneficial,” said Head Coach Martin McCann. “Having another set of eyes on our players while they practice is just another way to catch areas for improvement that we as coaches don’t always see. Ultimately, it makes our team better as a whole.”

Richmond joined the team in 2001 while attending a PBCC summer basketball camp, where a coach noticed his passion for the game and asked if he wanted to assist the team. Richmond gladly accepted.

With the partnership, it seemed as though basketball was meant to be a part of Richmond’s life. After he was born, his first gift was a T-shirt with little basketballs on it given by then PBCC Vice President Elisabeth Erling, for whom the gymnasium is now named. Erling had become close friends with Richmond’s mother, Sandra, a College faculty member.

Sandra is still at the College as an adjunct professor teaching sociology. Richmond says the reward of working with the players and seeing the team improve through the years is what keeps him participating. He hopes to continue in the role for many more years.

Hometown: Loxahatchee
High School: Dreyfoos School of the Arts, West Palm Beach

Q: How long have you been the volunteer manager?
14 years. I have assisted six head coaches during my time.

Q: What do you enjoy about working with the team?
I just love basketball and being at the College.

Q: What do you think of Martin McCann’s coaching style?
He is a fast-paced coach and really makes his players work hard. He is the youngest coach that I have worked under, and he is really relatable to our players. I can’t think of a better person to be running our program right now than him.

Q: Did you play basketball as a child?
No, I just loved watching sports. Other than basketball, I especially love professional football.