Feeling like Family

Working together

Greetings!  It is a joy for me to pen my first Contact magazine column as the new president of Palm Beach State College. I recognize that you are reading this message because you care about the College, which immediately gives us common ground.

As I am settling in to the role of president, I am especially appreciative of the Palm Beach State College family – faculty, staff, trustees, leadership team, students, alumni, community friends – who have been so generous with their time, ideas and support. Through exploration, research and dialogue, we are working together to crystallize the vision for the College. Together, we will build on the remarkable progress achieved in the past and make a great institution even better.

Plans for this year

One of my first-year goals as the new family member is to enhance both internal and external communication, to ensure that not only are we listening to our community, we also are telling our story.  To that end, I invite each of you to learn a bit more about Palm Beach State College through the pages of Contact.

You can read about the College’s new cybersecurity programs, preparing students for high-demand roles in the fight against computer hackers. Learn who will be the next internationally renowned guest appearing through our multi-year STEAM Initiative supporting science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  (The speaker may surprise you!)  And be sure to read the stories of some of our notable graduates, who are achieving success and satisfaction at all stages of their lives.

Speaking of graduates, PBSC is exploring new ways to tap into and connect with our vast alumni network, and we welcome your ideas and contributions.  Perhaps you could support current students through mentoring and internships or serving on one of our Business Partnership Councils.  Send us updates on your accomplishments that we can share with your former classmates. Stay up to date on what is happening at Palm Beach State by subscribing to our online News Center or following us on social media.

If you are a graduate of Palm Beach State College, we celebrate your successes as our own. Isn’t that what families do?  Stay in touch.


Ava L. Parker, J.D.