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PBSC interior design students transform play therapy room at local nonprofit

The play therapy room at the Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County has now received an amazing makeover, thanks to the support of PBSC’s interior design students.

The center unveiled the newly designed therapeutic playroom during an open house event at the center on Thursday, April 25. The refurbished playroom is specially designed for use by children who have been subjected to abuse.

A group of nine Interior Design Technology program students started volunteering their time and skills in 2022 to redesign the center’s children’s playroom.

The students, who have since graduated, are Mio Matute, Camila Salazar, Millie Schmidt, Mitchell Maggin, Cailey McBride, Brooke Covert, Alexis Anthony, Laura Sandoval and Yessica Nope.

After the students presented three design options, the center chose elements from each option presented and the students then created a final design. The Center secured funding which allowed the design to be implemented for the playroom. The student team returned to assist with the implementation of the design vision on this project.

“We are very proud of our students and thrilled to have been a part of such a fantastic partnership within our community,” said Nancy Albert, an interior design professor who helped lead the initiative along with Todd L’Herrou, CEO at the center and Jamie-Lyn Richartz, the center’s vice president of programs.

From left: Mitchell Maggin, Cailey McBride, Nancy Albert, Todd L’Herrou, Laura Sandoval and Alexis Anthony.

The interior design concepts feature enhancements from the flooring and walls to furniture and lighting. A significant update also included the installation of a one-way glass for staff to observe and assess clients for both evaluation and training.

Commenting on the Open House and launch of the refurbished therapeutic playroom, L’Herrou said, “Our goal was to have a comfortable space for our youngest clients.” He noted that as Palm Beach County’s designated Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, the Center works a lot with children impacted by physical or sexual abuse. “Through the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to open this new space where the children can express those experiences, not just verbally but through play, as a step towards healing.”

The experience provided PBSC students real-world experience that benefited the community and one they say they will now proudly include in their portfolios.

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One comment on “PBSC interior design students transform play therapy room at local nonprofit”

  1. This is outstanding! Not only do our students exceed in their education journey, but they get to prove their skills through service in our community. What a winning strategy for our PANTHERS!

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