Single mom turned entrepreneur credits PBSC for giving her the flexibility to succeed

As a young single mom living in Palm Beach County, Julie Khanna wanted to earn a higher education degree and she knew there was no better choice than Palm Beach State College.

“I needed an educational institution which would not only offer the chance to pursue my academic goals in relation to my chosen career path (nursing) but also allow me flexibility to care for my daughter while offering a quality education at an affordable price,” Khanna said.

Khanna, now the founder, owner and CEO of Khanna Connections and Khanna House Studios, a public relations, communications, and media marketing firm fluent in the medical, health, wellness, and social equity spaces. The firm helps businesses expand by connecting them to their target audience and delivering captivating storylines, qualified experts, and mutually beneficial opportunities.

Khanna graduated from PBSC in 2011 with an Associate in Arts degree and as a certified nurse assistant and licensed practical nurse. She then graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University.

Khanna sat down to answer a few more questions about her time at PBSC, what makes the College special, and the advice she would give to others.

How did earning a degree or credential from PBSC set you apart?
I received an excellent foundation for my career in nursing that allowed me the time to be an engaged and present mother as well as save money which helped me to build the foundation for the life I wanted for myself and my family.

What is your fondest memory from your time as a PBSC student?
I was in a class with my brother, and it was great to have that bonding time together as adults.

Which PBSC professor or instructor made a lasting impact or impression on you, and why?
Kenny Chan changed my whole life. I failed several math classes before his class and it was so frustrating for me, but the way he taught math was a breakthrough for me. For the first time, I had clarity and truly understood the concepts. Because of him, I can calculate chemo drip rates.

He explained things in such a calm and clear way, and I will never forget him or his teaching style.

 What advice do you have for today’s PBSC students?
You have no idea just how much you’re capable of until you try. Taking the first step can be daunting but I’ve always lived by the idea that fortune favors the bold. So that idea for a business, that place you want to visit or that podcast you want to start (Come see us at Khanna House Studios! I wouldn’t be a PR professional if I didn’t plug my own business!) – do it! At best, you’ll succeed and at worst, you’ll learn so much from the experience.

Academic success is a lot like success anywhere else – it takes a lot of planning and organization, so whatever that looks like to you be it a planner, a digital calendar, a to-do list – make sure you do it and keep doing it.

I recommend setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely – to ensure success in all aspects of your life.

What advice do you have for recent PBSC graduates entering your field?
Nursing is an amazing profession. What’s that saying – save one life, you’re a hero but save a hundred lives, you’re a nurse? Some of the most capable and compassionate people I’ve met in my life are nurses and I am so grateful to you for joining this community. You are doing truly important work, and you should be so proud of yourself for choosing to go into this field.

Nursing is an act of service and selflessness, but burnout is common in the field so please don’t neglect to take care of yourself both while in nursing school and on the job. Self-care is tantamount to your success, and we need great nurses like you in Palm Beach County.

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