PBSC faculty members receive nationally recognized credential in online teaching excellence

One hundred and fifteen Palm Beach State College faculty members received a nationally recognized teaching credential in 2023 co-endorsed by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) and the American Council on Education (ACE).

The faculty members (listed below) were honored at a pinning ceremony from 12:30 to 3 p.m. Jan. 26, 2024, at the Public Safety Training Center, PSD, Room 108 on the Lake Worth campus.

To earn the credential, faculty completed the ACUE Effective Online Teaching Practices course and learned evidence-based teaching practices proven to improve student achievement.

Aligned with research in cognition and adult learning, the ACUE course covers how to design an effective online course, establish a productive learning environment, use active learning techniques, promote higher-order thinking, and utilize assessments to inform instruction and promote learning. The 25-module course requires faculty to implement the teaching practices within their PBSC courses.

“PBSC has a strategic priority to provide faculty additional tools they can use to directly impact the success of their students,” said PBSC President Ava L. Parker, J.D. “Our partnership with ACUE has brought a rigorous certification program that we could quickly offer at scale. I am proud of our faculty who have prioritized student success by learning new skills and redesigning their courses around the ACUE Effective Teaching Practices Framework.”

“After two years, more than 220 faculty across our five campuses became ACUE credentialed in Effective Teaching Practices,” said Dr. Roger Yohe, vice president of Academic Innovation and Strategy. “What’s been so impressive is faculty members’ willingness to be vulnerable and be comfortable enough to listen, push and grow. I have had professors who have been teaching for 20 years say, ‘It reinvigorated my teaching. I found this passion for it again that I hadn’t felt in a while.’”

Robb Erwin, faculty development manager, reports that an additional 109 faculty members, administrators, and academic support staff are currently enrolled in the ACUE course and on target to earn the credential in 2024. The ACUE credentialed faculty represent all faculty ranks and a broad cross-section of academic disciplines.

The credentialed faculty are:

• Dr. Zalmond Abbondanza, Professor III – Mathematics
• Nancy Albert, Associate Professor – Interior Design
• Andraes Alexander, Associate Dean
• Schelcie Alty, Adjunct Instructor- Business Management and Supervision
• Derek Anstis, Adjunct Instructor- Graphic Design
• Hernan Aviles, Professor III – Biology
• Gentry Benjamin, Professor I – Business Law
• Dr. Patricia Berchiolli, Adjunct Instructor – Mathematics
• Dr. Maria Berger, Adjunct Instructor – Biology
• Dr. Mary Biderman, Professor III – Nursing
• Marcie Bishop, CCP Instructor I – Cosmetology
• R. Anne Bosworth, Associate Professor – English Composition and Literature
• Joy Braithwaite, Professor I – Nursing
• Peter Bransche, Adjunct Instructor- Business Management and Supervision
• Fred Burkhardt, Adjunct Instructor – Insurance
• Dr. Lisa Byard, Professor II – Education and History
• Brent Campbell, Adjunct Instructor – Speech
• Candace Campbell, Associate Professor – Nursing
• Daniel Cardenas, Professor I – EMT and History
• Diana Cardona, Adjunct Instructor – Human Services
• Dr. Virginia Carneiro de Paula, Professor III – Computer Science
• Scott Carter, Instructor, External – Mathematics
• Sarah Casperson, CCP Instructor I – Massage Therapy
• Hendel Cerphy, Associate Professor – Political Science and Government
• Dr. Lauren Chambers, Professor I – English Composition and Literature
• Carleton Chernekoff, Assistant Professor – English Prep
• Jade Chung, Associate Professor – Psychology
• Julie Cisneros, Associate Professor – Earth Science
• Dr. Mark Clementz, Professor II – Biology
• Dr. Tina Collins, Professor III – Nursing
• Lori Crane, Associate Professor – Speech, Communications
• Daniel Creed, Professor II – Business (BAS)
• Sandra Demauro, Associate Professor – Education, Social Sciences
• Julieta Diaz, Professor I – Nursing
• Dr. Fils Dieu-Conserve, Professor I – Mathematics
• Dr. Adina DiFederico-Yates, Professor III – Nursing
• Richard Ehrlich, Adjunct Instructor – English Composition and Literature
• Zenaida Espinosa, Associate Professor – Interior Design
• Dr. Amir Ezzeldin, Adjunct Instructor – Biology
• Marc Fedderman, Learning Lab Coordinator and Instructor – English and Reading
• Dr. Ruth Floreal, Early Childhood K-12 Programs Director
• Anna Gallagher, Temporary Associate Professor – Psychology
• Elizabeth Geletka, Adjunct Instructor – Accounting
• Nabin Ghimire, Adjunct Instructor – Information Management (BAS)
• Dr. Dalia Gil – Adjunct Instructor – Mathematics
• John Hadley, Dean – Business and Computer Science
• Patricia Hoyle Robinette, Report Writer and Adjunct Instructor – Education
• Judy Ireland, Adjunct Instructor – English Composition and Literature
• Roberto Isip, Adjunct Instructor – Mathematics
• Dr. Marie-Alix Joseph, Professor I – Nursing
• Dr. Josh Kanies, Director – Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence
• Marcy Katz, Professor I – English Composition and Literature
• Dr. Iwasan Kejawa, Adjunct Instructor – Computer Science
• Dr. Rasheedah Khayyam-Suarez, Adjunct Instructor – Psychology
• John Kiefer, Associate Professor – Psychology
• Penny Knight, Associate Professor, Medical Assisting
• Edward Knuckles, Adjunct Instructor – Electrical Power Technology
• Geetha Priya Kupparaj, Adjunct Instructor – Biology
• Laird Livingston, Professor II – Hospitality Management
• Sarah MacNeil, Instructional Designer – PBSC Online and International Education
• Angel Madiedo, CCP Instructor II – Machining Technology
• Bernadette Markle, Associate Professor – Nursing
• Tommy Martin, Associate Professor – Computer Science
• Valrie Martin Buchanan, Associate Professor – English Composition and Literature
• Dr. Paul Massy, Faculty Development Coach – PBSC Online & International Education
• Hope Matuella, Instructional Designer – Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence
• Kristin Miller, Professor I – Art
• Diane Minch, Adjunct Instructor – Accounting
• Dr. William Miner, Professor II – Physics
• Lunias Mondelus, Adjunct Instructor – Sociology
• Kevin Moreau – Adjunct Instructor – Introduction to the College Experience
• Dr. Sophia Munro, Professor III – Education
• Janet Naughton, Librarian/Professor I
• Benjamin Occelin, Adjunct Instructor – Childcare
• Marcie Pachter, Associate Professor – Speech Communications
• Dax Parcells, Professor II – Psychology
• Sean Parr, Associate Professor – Fire Science and EMS
• Faye Pelosi, Professor I – English Composition and Literature
• Dawn Marie Peter, Professor I – Criminal Justice
• Anthony Piccolino, Professor III – Mathematics
• Andrea Plante, Adjunct Instructor – Crime Scene Technology
• Shivangi Prasad, Professor II – Earth Science
• April Reddish, Adjunct Instructor – Criminal Justice
• Dr. Agneza Roberson, Adjunct Instructor, Political Science
• Carol Robinson, Associate Professor – Nursing
• Bridget Rogers, Associate Professor – Mathematics
• Ryan Ross, Adjunct Instructor – History
• Dr. Antonia Scialdo, Professor II – Nursing
• Dr. Richard Shepardson, Professor III – English Composition and Literature
• Dr. Nadine Sirota, Professor III – Nursing
• Denise Smith, Adjunct Instructor – Psychology
• Ashlande Smith, Adjunct Instructor – Human Services
• Juan Sosa, Adjunct Instructor – Engineering Technology
• Alia Spencer, Librarian/Professor I
• Jacques Stacco, Associate Professor – Earth Science, Physics
• Patricia Stefanovic, Associate Professor – English Composition and Literature
• Bridgit Stoffer, Adjunct Instructor – Art
• Dr. Jeannette Sullivan, Professor III – Education, Psychology
• Kristen Tholl, Adjunct Instructor – English Prep
• Evelyn Thomas, CCP Instructor III – Nursing
• Carrie Thompson, Professor I – English Composition and Literature
• Patrick Tierney, Associate Professor – English Composition and Literature
• Dr. Michele Tiggle-Stephenson, Professor III – Health Sciences (BAS)
• Lorraine Tomaszewski, Associate Professor – Mathematics
• Megan Tomei-Jameson, Professor I – Speech, Communications
• Laura Traiger, Instructional Design Manager – PBSC Online & International Education
• Monica Urresta, Associate Professor – Nursing
• Stefania Volpe, Associate Professor – Biology
• Dr. Kalisha Waldon, Professor II – Education
• Gaynor Walsh, Professor II – English Composition and Literature
• Lisa Walther, Program Grant Director – Title V
• Dr. Lorna Wilson, Professor II – Nursing
• Dr. Michelle Winkler, Professor II – English Composition and Literature
• Mindy Yale, CCP Instructor I – Massage Therapy
• Helena Zacharis, Professor I – English Prep, Reading, Writing

To view photos from the event, click on the image below.


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