Myrick part of a family legacy of proud PBSC graduates

Palm Beach State College’s Interim Associate Registrar LaTisha Myrick’s path to her recent master’s degree in educational leadership from Florida Gulf Coast University started at Suncoast High School in Riviera Beach. From there, she entered Palm Beach Community College, earning an associate’s degree in 2007 that took her to Florida Atlantic University and a bachelor’s degree in public management.

Myrick recalls her days at PBCC fondly. “Palm Beach State and I have grown up together,” says Myrick, proud to be part of a great family legacy of PBSC graduates, which includes her mother, Sylvia.

In 1978, Sylvia Myrick graduated from Palm Beach Junior College with an AA in early childhood education. During those PBJC days, a two-year-old LaTisha was already finding her way around campus while her aunt, Lena Fletcher, earned her AA in 1977. Most recently, LaTisha Myrick’s daughter, Jahlia, continued the family tradition, graduating from Palm Beach State last year with an associate’s degree.

When LaTisha Myrick graduated high school, she was 16 years old and urged by her father to stay local for college. “I got a lot out of Palm Beach State as a student,” she says. “It was eye opening because I was involved in organizations, liked student government, that have benefited me and, in turn, others over the years.”

Myrick with her daughter Jahlia at the 2022 fall commencement ceremony

As an HIV educator, Myrick worked for the American Red Cross, inspired by the people and programs at the College to give back and pay forward what she could. Intending to serve as a first responder with FEMA, Myrick found herself working at PBSC as an academic advisor, enjoying the role tremendously though gave it up to further her own academics and career aspirations.

Myrick appreciates what the College did for her, bringing personal and professional connections she would have otherwise never known. “There are faculty here today whom I still remember – their lessons too. I developed my identity here, learning about excellence in service and that what we do speaks for who we are. It was Dr. Jenkins who taught me, ‘Don’t be great, be excellent.’”

And Myrick’s own words for today’s students? “This is your story and glory so respect and love your own story. What you do here at PBSC can change the trajectory of your life.”

Myrick is proud to a PBSC alum and part of the community. “I love being of service and knowing my students who venture into the world. Sometimes, the greatest impact we have occurs long after the service we provide for others, which can often be immeasurable.”

With her path is still making its way, Myrick plans to continue being of excellent service at and for the College. Her strong and heartfelt history with PBSC allows Myrick to see a myriad of opportunities for the College to impact lives and influence the community.

“I love seeing alumni everywhere and truly believe that the College and I share similar values. Hopefully, I am leaving the institution better than I found it. That’s what legacy means for me. Our students are a direct reflection of all the work we do. Students still remind me of how I supported them and their journey,” says Myrick, referring to Dr. Peter Barbatis and Dr. Roger Yohe as her mentors.

For LaTisha Myrick, Palm Beach State College has been home for, well, her entire life. “Everything that I am comes from my time and experience here,” she says warmly.

And with a niece and cousin now enrolled at Palm Beach State, the Myrick family legacy lives on.

In recognition of Palm Beach State College’s 90th anniversary, the weekly Alumni Spotlight Series showcases the College’s role in preparing generations of graduates to achieve success in myriad careers and give back to their local communities.

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4 comments on “Myrick part of a family legacy of proud PBSC graduates”

  1. Ms Myrick you are a wonderful part of PBSC. I have known you for most of my time and PBSC and I from the moment I met you I knew you were a wealth of knowledge. I value the knowledge you have provided to me over the years and everything you have done for PBSC students. Congratulations!!!

  2. I have known you for most of my time and PBSC and from the moment I met you I knew you were a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate all you done for PBSC students and the knowledge you have provided to me over the years. Congratulations!!!

  3. Thank you for this heartwarming, inspirational story. Congratulations to LaTisha Myrick and her mother for adding to Palm Beach State College’s great legacy. Once a Panther, always a Panther!

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