Tracy says PBSC gave him unique experience with national news crew

Palm Beach State College alumnus Tim Tracy had his sights set on attending the University of Central Florida after high school. Living with his parents at the time, he also wanted to stay working part-time and save money.  He knew attending Palm Beach State for the first two years would allow him to do just that and also give him a great educational start that would prepare him for a larger school.

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, he received an Associate in Arts degree from PBSC in 1992. He then earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from UCF.

Now the vice president of development and corporate relations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, Tracy manages the development team that organizes all of the fundraising events for the organization. He is also a member of the Sunfest Board of Directors since 2019.

Tracy sat down to answer a few more questions about his time at PBSC, what makes the College special, and the advice he would give to others.

What is your fondest memory from your time as a PBSC student? 
I was taking a radio/tv production course at the Lake Worth campus while there was a nationally covered trial taking place in West Palm Beach.  It was the William Kennedy Smith trial that made headlines around the world.  Peter Jennings of ABC Nightly News held a town hall meeting in the auditorium at the Lake Worth campus.  Our class had the opportunity to assist the production team for the week leading up to the live town hall.  The producer of the show met me and asked me to stand in for Jennings while they were working out all of their shots because I had a similar look and build to him. It was fun to directly work with this professional crew and get a firsthand look at how a live news show was produced from start to finish.

Which PBSC professor or instructor made a lasting impact or impression on you, and why?  
Probably the professor of that radio/tv production class. He was right there with us the entire time pointing out things from the production that we could learn from to make the most of this unique opportunity to benefit his students.

What advice do you have for today’s PBSC students? 
Take advantage of all that is offered at PBSC today.  We didn’t have nearly the number of opportunities that they have today.  I am so impressed with how PBSC has grown and continues to grow.  Ava Parker is an amazing president and a leader in our community, the students today are lucky to have such a person in that role.

What advice do you have for recent PBSC graduates entering your field? 
I work in the not-for-profit industry which is a huge industry here in Palm Beach County, I would recommend that they volunteer at several organizations and see which one aligns with their values and how the organization is managed.  If the organizations mission is one that you believe in it makes the work much more satisfying.

In recognition of Palm Beach State College’s 90th anniversary, the weekly Alumni Spotlight Series showcases the College’s role in preparing generations of graduates to achieve success in myriad careers and give back to their local communities.

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