Veteran credits PBSC for giving him the resources to succeed

Originally from New York City, Palm Beach State alumnus David Fleisch knew all too well what financial struggle looked like. While he didn’t have much guidance as a child, he always had a curious nature, motivating him to explore. Finding electronics on the street, he would take them home and teach himself how to reassemble them, building skills that would benefit him later in life.

Fleisch started giving back to the community at 16 years old, joining the Queens Cultural Awareness Council and learning valuable life lessons as a Boy Scout that still serve him today, especially in his profession.

While being extremely active in the community, Fleisch admits, “It can be difficult to balance with work. But when giving not only supports but also complements your own career, that’s special.”

For over two years now, Fleisch has been a single father, understanding more than ever the importance of a healthy childhood. While he has earned certifications in childcare management, real estate and phlebotomy, Fleisch’s long-term goal is to establish a nonprofit organization that provides childcare for refuge children from African countries and a few closer to home, including Haiti and Cuba.

Fleisch recalls his experience at Palm Beach State, where he started with less than a 2.0 GPA. “I never did very well in school, so PBSC really helped me. And the community was extremely welcoming and helped me get through college, providing a lot of resources, like Panther’s Pantry.

Today, Fleisch serves as a member of the American Legion, president of the Boynton Beach Veterans Task Force and a TRIO Student Support Services advisor for veterans. “Seeing myself in five years isn’t easy to do, but I am and will continue to be a lifelong learner.”

“The military gave me the structure to be successful, but Palm Beach State gave me the education and opportunity to be who I am today.”

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  1. Correction: I am a member and contributor of the Boynton Beach Veterans Task Force of which the mayor of Boynton Beach is a board member.

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