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PBSC faculty receive nationally recognized credential in online teaching

More than 90 Palm Beach State College faculty members have received a nationally recognized teaching credential co-endorsed by the Association of College and University Educators and the American Council on Education.

The credential was awarded after faculty completed the Effective Online Teaching Practices 25-module course, where they learned evidence-based teaching practices proven to improve student achievement and close equity gaps. Aligned with research in cognition and adult learning, the ACUE course covers how to design an effective online course, establish a productive learning environment, use active learning techniques, promote higher order thinking and utilize assessments to inform instruction and promote learning. The course requires faculty to implement the teaching practices within their PBSC courses.

PBSC will celebrate the inaugural group at a pinning ceremony at 12:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27, in the Public Safety Training Center (Room 108) on the Lake Worth campus.

“More students are taking online course than ever before. We’ve seen a shift, and the shift is permanent,’’ said Roger Yohe, vice president of academic innovation and strategy. “Palm Beach State is responding by supporting its faculty with this certification. We have to keep our emphasis on quality because students expect more today with online education.”

Yohe said 268 full-time and part-time faculty teach fully online, and the goal is for all of them to obtain the credential. Nearly 60% of PBSC’s course enrollments this term are for traditional online and live online classes.

Robb Erwin, faculty development manager, reports that the credential recipients represent all PBSC campuses, all faculty ranks, and a broad cross-section of academic disciplines.

Recipients are:

  • Dr. Angela Adame-Smith, Professor I – Psychology
  • Cynthia Alexandre, Associate Professor – Mathematics
  • Charles Alkady, Adjunct Instructor – Computer Science
  • Cassandra Allen, Associate Professor – English Composition
  • Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado, Professor III – Sociology, Spanish
  • Uzma Amiruddin, Professor I – Computer Science
  • Brian Anderson, Adjunct Instructor – Fire Science
  • Paulette Andrews Moore, Adjunct Instructor – French
  • Dr. Ana Armbrister Bland, Adjunct Instructor – Educational Prep Institute
  • Debbie Beres, Associate Professor – Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Kacey Bishop, Assistant Professor – Health Science
  • Stephany Bonhometre, Adjunct Instructor – Human Services
  • Kristal Boyers, Professor I – Art
  • Patty Braga, Associate Professor – Health Science
  • Shalon Bull, Professor I – Nutrition
  • Dr. Elizabeth Caron, Adjunct Instructor – Sociology
  • Dr. Emilio Pablo Carrasco, Professor II – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Colette Chiacchiero, Associate Professor – Health Sciences
  • Margaret Chojnacki, Adjunct Instructor – Speech
  • Emma Chow, Associate Professor – Chemistry
  • Dr. Carol Clarke, Interim Associate Dean – Nursing
  • Leanora Conlin, Adjunct Instructor – Psychology
  • Brooke Coslett, Associate Professor – BAS Management
  • John Daily, Adjunct Instructor – English Composition, Literature
  • Emmanuel Danso, Professor I – Accounting
  • Dr. BarbaraDegorge, Adjunct Instructor – History
  • Heather DeStefano, Adjunct Instructor – Human Services
  • Nicole Edwards, Adjunct Instructor – Human Services
  • Dr. Abdullah Said Erdogan, Professor II – Mathematics
  • Robin Fiedler, Associate Professor – English Composition, Theatre
  • Dr. Africa Fine, Associate Professor – English Composition, Literature
  • Dr. Brian Findley, Professor III – Health Science
  • Frederick Ford, Associate Professor – Economics
  • Stephen Fritts, Adjunct Instructor – BAS Information Management
  • Dr. Ruth-Ann Galatas, Adjunct Instructor – Music
  • Dr. Gokarna Gharti-Chhetri, Professor III – Biology, Environmental Science
  • Barbara Goldman, Professor I – Health Science, Nutrition
  • Jermaine Gordon, Associate Professor – Mathematics
  • Mari Gross-Lau, Adjunct Instructor- Health Science
  • Dr. Sapna Gupta, Professor III – Chemistry
  • Jesse Haggett, Adjunct Instructor – Art
  • Dr. Elka Ivanova, Professor III – Mathematics
  • Dr. Justina Jackson, Adjunct Instructor – Human Services
  • Matthew Kachlany, Professor I – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Debbie Kwon, Adjunct Instructor- Business Administration and Management
  • Hector Hernandez, Associate Professor – BAS Management
  • Kristin Hurley, Adjunct Instructor – Music
  • Dr. Traci Klass, Professor III – English Composition, Literature
  • Dr. Selena LaMotte, Professor I – Human Services
  • Alexandra Lezo, Adjunct Instructor- Art
  • Pam LoVerde, Adjunct Instructor – Strategies
  • Olimpia Lukacs, Professor I – Mathematics
  • Laura McCallister, Associate Professor – Mathematics
  • Rachel McDermott, Associate Professor – English Composition, Literature
  • Carrie McDonald, Associate Professor- Mathematics
  • Dr. Shari MacLachlan, Professor III – Political Science
  • Vimala Mangoli, Adjunct Instructor, Business Law
  • Lourdes Marx, Interim Associate Dean
  • Lawanna McCoy, Professor II – Mathematics
  • Dr. Jennifer Medina, Professor I – Dental Health
  • Wendy Mendez-Hasselman, Professor I – Spanish
  • Dr.Neisha Mitchell, Adjunct Instructor – BAS Health Service Management
  • Catherine Montero, Associate Professor – Speech
  • Dr. Eliana Mukherjee, Professor III – Education
  • Jeanne Murcia, Associate Professor – Computer Science
  • Paula Myslivecek, Associate Professor- Health Science
  • Shirley Naranjo, Adjunct Instructor – Spanish
  • Sandy Oakley, Adjunct Instructor – Spanish
  • Suzanne Pinos, Professor I – Nursing
  • Dr. Andrew Plotkin, Adjunct Instructor – Sociology
  • Nathalie Ponce de Leon, Associate Professor – Nursing
  • Dr. Ana Porro, Professor III – Mathematics
  • Asis Reyes – Adjunct Instructor – Music
  • Dr. Zara Roach Joyner, Professor I – BAS Business Law
  • Jim Robinette, Instructional Designer, Adjunct Instructor – Business
  • James Rowland – Adjunct Instructor – Speech
  • Dr. Yelena Rudayeva, Professor III – Biology
  • Sophia Russell, Professor II – English Composition, Literature
  • Vernon Samuels, Adjunct Instructor – Mathematics
  • Heather Sargent, Observer, Child Development Associate – Early Childhood K-12 Programs
  • Antonio Scionti, Adjunct Instructor – History
  • Lystra Seenath, Professor I – Sociology
  • Trineshia Sellars-Baxley, Associate Professor – Chemistry
  • Timothy Siniscalchi, Associate Professor – Chemistry
  • Jason Southworth, Adjunct Instructor – Philosophy, Religion
  • Warren Smith, Professor I – Economics
  • Dr. Vetaley Stashenko, Professor II – Biology
  • Suzanne Steel-Claridge, Adjunct Instructor – Criminal Justice
  • Mary Sullivan, Adjunct Instructor – Anthropology
  • Dr. Felicia Survis, Adjunct Instructor, Earth Science
  • Ruth Tallman, Adjunct Instructor – Philosophy
  • Bijayita Thapa, Associate Professor – Computer Science
  • Frances Thew, Adjunct Instructor – Computer Science
  • Dr. Juliett Tracey, Professor II – Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Winsome Vassell – Professor III – Nursing
  • Candace Walker, Associate Professor – Biology, Environmental Science
  • Paula Wilson, Associate Professor – English Composition
  • Rose Wilson, Associate Professor- Mathematics
  • Lauren Zatto, Professor I – Mathematics
  • Givon Zirkind, Adjunct Instructor – Database Management
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