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PBSC theater students create film about 2020

Palm Beach State College theater students have released the film “2020: Seeing the World Clearly” to portray what the year meant to them.

The film, which runs an hour and 15 minutes, is a collection of monologues written and performed by students who collaborated on the piece with the PBSC film department and the Theatre Lab , the professional resident company of Florida Atlantic University. It was directed by PBSC professor David Hyland and co-directed by adjunct instructor E. Rae Randall.

According to Hyland, the piece was created as an alternative to doing a regular stage performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was moved by how invested our students became during this process and some of the topics that they addressed in their monologues impacted me deeply,” Hyland said. “We asked all our students to write about how 2020 had impacted them individually, and the results proved to be as diverse as the cast itself.”

Before filming, the Theatre Lab at FAU held two virtual workshops with PBSC student writers/actors on how to develop original pieces. Matt Stabile, the lab’s artistic director, then provided feedback on a performance of the monologues during a rehearsal.

The project was recorded by students in the fall using cameras from the film department. Independent contractor John Carlile edited the film and added sound effects.

At Palm Beach State, students have many opportunities to perform and direct, as well as study all aspects of theatre, including stagecraft and playwriting. For more information, visit

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2 comments on “PBSC theater students create film about 2020”

  1. I think it was so clever. A couple of them really cracked me up.” I’d like to have recess and Stephen King and Hemingway wrote those two pieces of “art” while****faced, seriously.” I liked the couch routine a lot too–I’m big fan of theatre of the absurd, and that one was just right there. I liked them all really, some of them were sad–like “we’re supposed to be moving forward” and I think the phrase “our collective” voices really stood out. I could go on and on. I think it was well done. I liked the graffiti wall –everything.
    Thanks for sharing –bgray

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