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Bestselling author creates scholarship for PBSC students

Bestselling author James Patterson meets with PBSC President Ava L. Parker, J.D., to discuss his new scholarship.

James Patterson, the world’s bestselling author, is creating a scholarship that will cover the full cost of tuition for Palm Beach State College students.

The Patterson Family Foundation has established scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students at 15 colleges and universities across the United States, but this will be the first to benefit community college students. The James Patterson Presidential Scholarship will fund 32 full-time  scholarships, which will be awarded annually to 16 incoming and 16 second-year PBSC students. While eligibility targets students who have expressed interest in pursuing careers in education, the scholarship will be available to other full-time students as well.

“This scholarship will help students thrive and provide them an education without the financial burden that can go with it,’’ Patterson said. “Palm Beach State College has an impressive track record in molding students into becoming future leaders, and our scholarship will help continue that legacy.”

Patterson was formally introduced to Palm Beach State in 2019 when he was invited to headline the College’s annual STEAM luncheon, a signature event designed to increase scholarships, business partnerships and internship opportunities to support students pursuing science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics fields. After learning more about the state’s oldest public community college, he felt compelled to step up to help. “I am stunned by Palm Beach State,” Patterson told the luncheon attendees. He called the College a gem in Palm Beach County. “What they have done is really impressive. I can tell these are smart people.”

PBSC President Ava L. Parker, J.D., said the scholarship bearing the name of one of the world’s most revered authors will help PBSC attract some of the brightest students in the county.

“Having James Patterson as a friend of the College speaks volumes for the progress that we have made in elevating Palm Beach State College to a level never before seen in the community college landscape,” Parker said. “Mr. Patterson now has a vested interest in what we are doing to further the academic mission of the College, and we look forward to continuing that relationship.”

Considerations for the James Patterson Presidential Scholarship begin during the current academic year, with the first scholarships to be awarded for PBSC’s Fall 2020 term.

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15 comments on “Bestselling author creates scholarship for PBSC students”

  1. Thank you so much Mr. Patterson for caring about the PBSC students and offering these scholarships.

  2. What a blessing to our students. Many lives will benefit from the gift of an education.
    Thank you Mr. Patterson for your generous gift!

  3. Thank you Mr Patterson for your generosity. Your scholarship will create future leaders for our country.
    Catherine Greene

  4. Thank you Mr. Patterson. I would welcome your presence in one of my Literature courses.

  5. Wow awesome seeing great things happening at the college! Proud to be a panther alumna
    Thank you James Patterson!

  6. Thanks for your kind consideration and sharing of your blessings to this wonderful institution. I am sure it will be well received for our future students and leaders. God bless you continuously.

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