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PBSC freezes tuition for eighth year

Tuition at Palm Beach State College will not increase for the eighth straight year.Students walking on campus.

The District Board of Trustees unanimously voted June 18 to hold the line on tuition as part of its approval of the $130.5 million 2019-2020 operating budget that goes into effect July 1.

In-state tuition and fees will remain at $101 (including $76.92 for tuition) per credit hour or $303 for a three-credit hour course, which is among the lowest in Florida and in the nation. Tuition and fees for postsecondary adult vocational program courses are fixed at $83.40 per credit hour and $2.78 per contact hour. The cost of bachelor’s degree courses, regulated by the Florida Legislature, remains at $122.85 per credit hour or $368.55 for a three-credit hour class.

While technology and capital improvement fees rose slightly twice, and the student activity fee rose once, Palm Beach State’s tuition has remained flat for eight years. To compare, in 2012-2013, students paid $98.25 per credit hour or $294.75 for a three-credit hour course.

The 2019-2020 budget is about $2 million less than last year’s budget of $132.5 million. College leaders say they remain committed to providing high-quality education and services for students.

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2 comments on “PBSC freezes tuition for eighth year”

  1. It is a real shame that the books and supplemental online materials required cost more than the class. As a returning student in my 40’s, I am paying for college on my own, trying to earn a higher salary. The cost of the books is what limits me from taking more classes per semester to obtain my degree faster. I would rather pay a little higher tuition knowing it is going to Professors and enhancing the school, than pay pure profit to the publishing companies taking advantage of students.

    1. Fiona, PBSC has been working with faculty to try to select more affordable classroom materials.The College also has been promoting its textbook rental option available in the campus bookstores among other options for students. Please visit our college affordability website for additional information: Please also explore financial aid options that may be available to you, including scholarships, at

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