Alum raising funds to make hometown center a reality

The future site of the AGT Center in Saint-Marc.

Palm Beach State College alumnus Luc Beauliere has a big vision for his hometown of Saint-Marc, Haiti.

Beauliere, who graduated from PBSC in 2007 with an Associate in Arts degree, is currently raising funds to build a community center for the people of Saint-Marc and the surrounding areas.

The center, called the Artibonite Gospel Tabernacle (AGT) Center, will serve as a hospital, university, worship facility and musical conservatory.

The idea to build a center first originated from Beauliere’s father, Roger, who always wanted to help the poor and give people a better life.

“When I moved back to Haiti in 2013, seeing the lack of opportunity and the level of poverty that people were living in, I felt an urgent need to help realize that vision,” said Beauliere, who has a bachelor’s degree in music education from Florida Atlantic University. “We envisioned a place to educate, provide health care and meet people’s spiritual needs.”

In 2017, his vision started to become a reality when he purchased 31.9 acres of land where the center will be built. Today, he is raising funds to pay off that purchase. To date, he has $40,000 of the $100,000 needed.

According to Beauliere, once the land is paid off, the next phase of the project will be to obtain an estimate for construction. Beauliere, who serves as the administrative director of the AGT Center project, and his architect believe it will be a few million dollars.

Luc Beauliere

The center, however, isn’t the only idea Beauliere developed to give back to Saint-Marc. In 2005, he created the Beauliere Academy of Music in West Palm Beach. Eight years later, he opened a branch campus of the academy in Saint-Marc, which holds a summer music camp each year.

He directs the camp and invites teachers in Haiti and former classmates and professors including PBSC Music Professor Allen Webber to teach there.

This summer was the second time Webber, who has also supported the AGT Center project, taught at the camp. He first taught in 2013, when the camp hosted 50 students. This summer, they had more than 150 students. He says he enjoyed the experiences immensely.

“It’s difficult for me to describe how satisfying it is to teach alongside some of my former students at these camps,” Webber said. “I got such a kick out of introducing them as my colleagues.”

Along with Beauliere, the former PBSC students who taught with him were Edras Regisme and Christina Colletti in 2013 and Harley Galeano and Katharine “Kat” Yarbrough this summer.

Webber taught music theory, group voice lessons and directed the choral ensemble at the Gospel Tabernacle church in Saint-Marc where the camp was held and where Beauliere’s father is on the pastoral staff.

Students at the Beauliere Academy of Music summer camp in Saint-Marc.

“Haitian music students are eager to learn, quick to comprehend new information, and a real joy to work with,” Webber said. “Their obvious gratitude is very moving.  Both of the years that I have taught there, I have asked the students to teach me one of their favorite songs.  This has been a wonderful experience both times, and I have been able to use these songs either as concert pieces for the choir or as teaching examples for all of the students.”

While Webber and the other instructors volunteered their time, Beauliere paid for their airfare, lodging, most meals, and provided them each with their own interpreter.

Beauliere hopes to change the name of the Beauliere Academy of Music  in Haiti to the Beauliere Conservatory of Music and have it become part of the university at the AGT Center.

For now, however, he says his goal is to continue to help improve the lives of people in Saint-Marc through music,  teaching people how to read, helping them get access to education and more.

To make a donation to the AGT Center, visit

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34 comments on “Alum raising funds to make hometown center a reality”

  1. Great people and a great cause. You can be sure all the donations will be used for the betterment of these need people!
    Pastor H.L Finnicum

  2. Thank you for willingness to to contribute to the growth of our country!l while doing what God has called you to do.

  3. Many work trips to Haiti have placed the island and people of Haiti deep in my heart. Look forward to helping you in this project Bro Luc.

  4. Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.
    “Bro Luc, Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” I’m with you.

    1. A man becomes trustworthy when you trust him. My husband and I know this family for many many years, they’ve been working so hard help the growth of the Body of Christ. For those of you who don’t know them yet, You get my words, you can trust them!!!!!

  5. As a benefactor of the ministries of both Pastors Roger and Luc Beauliere, I’m excited to see how many more thousands will be blessed and touched through this grand endeavor. What selfless opportunity this is for people to give financially, physically, & through prayer.

  6. Can’t wait to see the end result, don’t just congratulate people we gotta donate guys!!!

  7. God Bless You! Let’s Build the Body of Christ! I am certain that with a man of integrity at the helm, under God’s covering, this will be a success.

  8. I am so happy for you my brother! It is a remarkable blessing to witness someone giving their life for the natural and spiritual enrichment of others.

  9. Best people on earth. Striving to build the kingdom of God and be led by His spirit.

  10. Such an amazing thing you are doing for these students. They are so blessed to have you.

  11. It is our hope and prayer that God’s favor will be upon all those involved in this labor. May God strengthen your hands to complete the task.

  12. Year after year the Beauliere academy of music is reaching more and more students, which is not only beneficial to the each of them but also to the Haitian music sector. It’s one of the few project of the sort that is sustainable and that is geographically decentralized, giving faith to the young people of St Marc. This bigger project is even more amazing, go Luc, go! Congrats!

  13. A trustworthy person is someone you trust, my husband and I know Luc and his family for many years, working hard for the growth of the Body of Christ. God will bless you more.

  14. Br. Luc, I am so excited for this vision God has placed on your heart. Only He can make it a reality. Stay cooperative in the Lord.

  15. Great project my brother. You can count on us to be part of it. You are preaching with action and not just words. God will reward you for your sacrifice and your faithfulness.

  16. What an amazing project for such a great and hard working people! When something as beneficial as this comes along, I believe we all can chip in and get it done!!

  17. I’am so thankful and grateful to have the chance to witness such selfless and generosity
    from brother Luc and pastor Roger. This project shall come to pass, but it requires determination, donations and word of mouth. Most importantly, let’s each tell someone to participate in this great endeavor by donating on the website. It will be a blessing not just for the people in Haiti but for each person around the world!

  18. Beyond happy to see this cause flourish. Ready to share with others to help with this tremendous project!!

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