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PBSC to offer an online associate degree

Palm Beach State College will offer an online 62-credit hour Associate in Arts in business degree program starting this fall.

This will be the College’s first fully online Associate in Arts degree program. It will begin with one to two cohorts of students who will take all the courses together,  allowing them the opportunity to encourage one another and form study groups.

There are still available slots. Students who are interested in enrolling may contact the College Information Center at 561-967-7222 for more information.

“A fully online Associate in Arts degree program will make the College more accessible to all individuals, especially the adult population, who are in need of this type of an undergraduate degree program,” said Dr. Bernadette Russell, vice president of e-learning and instructional technology and provost of the Boca Raton campus. “It provides quality, is highly interactive, and is easily transferable to baccalaureate programs upon completion.”

The program requires students to complete 20 online courses, including two four credit hour classes, organized into six terms over the next two years. There are four courses in both the fall and spring terms and two courses each summer. The degree provides students with a solid foundation to continue at a university to study accounting, management, marketing, finance or management information systems.

All courses in the program are certified through Quality Matters, a leading independent national online course quality assurance organization. All coursework and exams will be provided online.

Students will also be assigned an online learning student success advisor who will guide them through the program and help them achieve completion.

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21 comments on “PBSC to offer an online associate degree”

  1. Will Introduction to the college experience be offered in this program?
    Dr. Brown

  2. Good luck to all students seeking this new degree. You will need to have good time-management and work/life balance skills while taking four online courses during the fall and spring semesters.

    1. Hi Jennie,

      I completely agree. Without a question, this program is for serious full-time AA degree seeking students that can commit to full-time study. The commitment is no different than attending courses full-time on campus, but it does offer some benefits by saving commute time and, being asynchronous, provides the flexibility of studying (full-time) at the best place/time for the student. Of course, it does present the challenges you mention.

      We are making students aware of what this commitment means (the challenge of full-time program), about learning online (pitfalls and benefits), and speak to them about the time-management and work/life balance skills you mention.

      We know fully-online programs are in high-demand, other colleges and universities provide them extensively — and we believe we should also serve the needs of a segment of our student body that needs the flexibility in time/location. We are launching this AA Business Program to serve those needs for well-qualified students.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    1. Hi Faith,
      Please contact our eLearning Online Student Support and Online Program Student Advising Center to speak with an eLearning Advisor at: 561.868.3303 or We’ll provide you with information how to join the Cohort.

    1. Hi Brenda, You’ll need to speak to an e-learning adviser. Please call 561-967-7222 to be connected with one.

    1. Hi Tee, We have emailed you a course outline. If you have any further questions, please call 561-967-7222.

  3. I’m very interested in the online business AA program.
    Where can I find the list of the 20 online courses?
    Would any of the business classes I have taken transfer into the program?

    1. Hi Jamie, Thank you for your interest. We have emailed you a list of the 20 online courses. As far as transferring classes, you’ll need to speak to a E-learning advisor. Please call 561-967-7222 to be connected with one.

      1. hello, I am also interested and would love it if you could send me the list as well.
        Thank you

    1. Thank you for your interest Miryam. Please call the College Info Center for more information at 561-967-7222.

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