Ciucci to be honored by Western Michigan University

PBSC Professor Tracy Ciucci is being inducted into the Human Performance and Health Education Alumni Honor Academy at her alma mater—Western Michigan University.

Ciucci is among eight WMU alumni selected this year by the Department of Human Performance and Health Education for their professional achievements, contributions and service.  They will be recognized during the 17th annual Alumni Honor Academy Breakfast April 14.

“I could not be more excited about it,’’ said Ciucci, who was nominated by Dr. Debra Berkey,  her department chair when she worked at WMU and professional mentor.

Ciucci said she has known Berkey for 25 years ―first as a student and then as an instructor. “She always put her hand down and chose me and pulled me up. She believed in me when I didn’t yet know to believe in myself.”

Ciucci began her career as a health education professor at PBSC in 2009. Prior to then, she worked as a softball coach at Kalamazoo College and Kellogg Community College in Michigan. She taught health courses at those institutions, Western Michigan University and other institutions, before joining the PBSC faculty.

At PBSC, she quickly became involved in leading and serving on various committees at the College and initiatives to help the community.  Her drive and passion for her work captured the attention of many and landed her several awards. She received a National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development Excellence Award in 2014,  a Stewart Distinguished Teaching Award in 2016. She also received a Champion of Women Award in 2017 from Dr. Bernadette Russell, vice president of e-learning and instructional technology and provost of the Boca Raton campus, for hosting events and raising community awareness of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

She currently serves as health science department chair on the Lake Worth campus, president of the Palm Beach State College chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges and steward and chief negotiator for the United Faculty of Florida at PBSC. She holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology/biology and a master’s degree in higher education athletic administration from WMU.

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10 comments on “Ciucci to be honored by Western Michigan University”

  1. Witnessing Tracy’s intelligence, energy, enthusiasm, determination and dedication, this award comes as no surprise. Congratulations, Tracy, the best is yet to come!

  2. Congratulations Professor Ciucci you deserve the wonderful recognition for all the work you do with our students and your colleagues. Our students love you and respect you do much. We are so fortunate to be educators because we change the world everyday. I am Panther proud of you!!!

  3. Congratulations Professor. I wish you all the best in your career growth and commitment to students’ success.

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