Horvath receives Distinguished Engineering Educator Award

Dr. Elizabeth Horvath, a longtime Palm Beach State College computer science professor, has received a Distinguished Engineering Educator Award from the Engineers’ Council.

Horvath received the honor from the nonprofit California-based organization Feb. 22 at the 2018 National Engineers Week Honors and Awards Banquet. Hosted by the Business Development Board, the event recognizes engineers and engineering projects in all disciplines, including aerospace, mechanical, structural and civil. In addition to the awards ceremony held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, engineering companies and educational programs presented their projects and products, most of them originating locally. PBSC showcased its Engineering Technology and Electrical Power Technology programs.

Horvath was recognized for her outstanding work in computer science education, including her development of a Python with Raspberry Pi course that she taught for the first time last year. The class not only teaches students how to program in Python, but also how to write code to control devices that communicate over the Internet. Students use the Raspberry Pi, a tiny and affordable single board computer, to build devices that detect light and motion, measure environmental conditions, and control a robot.  They write code that will turn on a buzzer, transmit text messages to their phones, send emails or remotely control the robot from another computer.

“It goes beyond programming to control different types of devices. It’s programming at the next level,’’ she said. Horvath said she is honored to receive the award that she considers a crowning moment in her 20-year career at the College. “I have had many talented and intelligent students who have inspired me.”

Horvath holds a Ph.D. and a master’s degree in computer engineering from Florida Atlantic University. She also holds bachelor’s degrees in physics and math from FAU. She has been responsible for the development of 15 courses for the Computer Science program at PBSC.  She has been the Computer Science Club advisor for almost 20 years.

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13 comments on “Horvath receives Distinguished Engineering Educator Award”

  1. Congratulations Dr. Horvath! Computer engineering is such an important field in modern society. It is great to have role models and mentors like you guiding our students. We are Panther proud of you!

  2. Fantastic recognition for an outstanding professor. Congrats Dr. Horvath. So thankful you are here at PBSC.

  3. Congrats, you are the best, the college and students are extremely lucky to have you. I can’t wait to see where you go next with Technology.

  4. I propose that we start a Palm Beach State College Women’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Horvath is a great example of someone who belongs in this Hall of Fame.

  5. Congrats Dr. Horvath!! definitely one of the absolute best computer programming teachers at the college. Well deserved award, looking forward to more classes with you!

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