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PBSC hosts science table at world famous exhibit

PBSC anatomy table
PBSC student Eduardo Monroy-Rosales (right, middle) in conversation with guests

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the human body, there’s no better place to do it than at the “Our Body: The Universe Within” exhibit.

Consisting of 15 actual human bodies and over a hundred specimens and organs, the exhibit, which has traveled worldwide, literally goes “under the skin,” giving attendees a true look at the inner workings of the extraordinary human body.

Palm Beach State College students and faculty led by Professor Dr. Sankaranarayana Chandramohan have been hosting a science table every Saturday in conjunction with the world-famous exhibit since it opened at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in West Palm Beach last month.

At the PBSC table, students and faculty have engaged attendees in activities on anatomy and shown a variety of anatomical objects including models and specimens of human and sheep body organs, a full size skeleton made up of individual bones that attendees can touch and put together, coloring sheets and stickers of body organs for children, handouts of PBSC programs for aspiring students and much more.

Nov. 19 has been designated as “PBSC Day at SFSCA.” Students, faculty and staff can see the exhibit and participate in the activities table for the discounted price of $7. The regular price is $16.95. (Please bring your PBSC ID.) The Lake Worth Student Activities office is helping coordinate the PBSC Day event. There will be promotional materials handed out and giveaways that day.

“It was fun to interact with the kids and to see their reaction after visiting the ‘Our Body’ exhibit, and then for them to be able to see and touch a real sheep’s brain on our table,” said PBSC student Laura Prince, who was part of the team at the PBSC table. “This was our most popular exhibit. It was also a great chance to apply my knowledge of anatomy in explaining to the children what the brain and skeleton parts were. This was great for me as it increased my confidence too!”

According to Carla Duhaney, director of education at the SFSCA, more than 1,200 visitors came to view the exhibit on its opening day–the largest opening for any of the center’s exhibits.

“It feels great and exciting to be collaborating with SFSCA and be part of the ‘Our Body’ exhibit and to represent our college and its anatomy resources to aspiring students and the community,” said Chandramohan.  “The PBSC anatomy table has been attracting children, parents and adults alike, and PBSC is gaining a lot of appreciation from SFSCA and the community for reaching out to them. This is a great opportunity for our team to represent Palm Beach State College at the right place, right time and to the right audience interested in science. Our PBSC students including health science majors can relate what they learn in classroom with reality and increase their understanding of our human bodies. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all that I hope no one will miss.”

Chandramohan has showcased the anatomy table with Prince and PBSC students Dionne Bootz, Eduardo Monroy-Rosales and adjunct professor Dr. Claudia Neira.

Carlos Ramos, associate dean for the Lake Worth Campus Division of Math, Engineering & Science, visited the exhibit last Saturday, and said it was great to see the interaction that visitors had with PBSC students and faculty.

“It was a tremendous learning experience for me,” said Ramos. “Seeing human specimens from many perspectives made me think about the miracle and fragility of life. I went to the PBSC table and mingled with some PBSC students, Dr. Chandra and visitors to the Science Center. It was fun and inspiring to see teaching and learning materializing outside the classroom. Dr. Chandra had a blast, while interacting and explaining demos to visitors. One could see a vivid interest on the visitors’ faces. Their smiles and commentaries revealed the joy they were experiencing while being educated all at the same time. What Drs. Chandra and Neira are doing for the College and the community at-large is simply remarkable.”

The Our Body: The Universe Within exhibit runs at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium until April 23, 2017.

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