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Will you write the new College song?

Alma Mater ContestBack in 1939, Palm Beach Junior College students Edna Wilson, Alice Hayes and Mary Jane McDonald put pen to paper to compose the six-year-old College’s first alma mater, or official song.  Sung to the tune of “God Bless America,” the quaint lyrics hailed PBJC as the “School of our Dreams” and  the “Fountain of Wisdom,” pledging that “Dear to us, you’ll ever be!”  

Fast forward 77 years: The official College song is in need of a redo.  Palm Beach State College has launched a contest to come up with a new alma mater, one that will resonate with students of today and tomorrow. If you are a composer, or just have a song in your heart and a love for PBSC, the College wants to hear from you!

The contest is open to alumni, students, faculty, staff or members of the community. Submissions may be an original poem with no music, an original poem set to existing music that is not copyrighted, or an original poem that is set to original music. You can find the entry form, requirements and complete submission guidelines here.

All entries must be emailed to no later than Friday, April 29, 2016.

Submissions will be judged by a committee of students, faculty and staff. The winning song composer will receive a $100 gift card and the satisfaction of creating a significant contribution to the College’s rich history. The new alma mater will be performed in public for the first time at the Dec. 20, 2016 Commencement Ceremonies. 


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