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Young artist creates unique figures and faces on a whim

JaviDuArtImagine creating whole art pieces on simply an impulse. That’s what Javier Duarte, or more commonly referred to by his artist name “Javi Du Art,” has been producing in a series of eight works he now calls his portrait paintings.

“Using an idiosyncratic style, I produce unique figures and faces,” said Duarte. “In this series, I pay homage to some great figures that have inspired me as an artist. I challenge what we are accustomed to call ‘portraits’ and bend the rules by creating two-dimensional images of people in the arts, sciences and history.”

Duarte further explains that his paintings aren’t simply a portrait of an individual, but a collection of thoughts and ideas.

“They all carry explicit meaning whether it may be hidden or visible. It is this mixture of factual reality and unseen instances that make these images unique and noteworthy.”

Javi Du Art’s portrait painting titled “Theodore”

Since enrolling at Palm Beach State College, Duarte has been displaying his portraits at local festivals around Palm Beach County. This Thursday, he will show his artwork for the third time at the ActivistArtistA gallery which is now part of the Boynton Beach Arts District Art Walk. 

The display, titled “Prodigy and A Master: The Portrait Paintings of Javier Duarte and selected works by the late Cuban painter Pedro C. Ortiz” will be shown from 7 to 10 p.m. April 23. The ActivistArtistA gallery is part of the strip of warehouses off of Boynton Beach’s Industrial Avenue, just a block west of I-95. The display is curated by Rolando Chang Barrero.

Duarte, who holds an Associate in Science degree in graphic design, plans to graduate this spring with an Associate in Arts degree. This fall, he hopes to attend either the Pratt Institute or the School of Visual Arts, both in New York City.

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